Up2Stream HD dac - versions, command lines, info

Hello community,
where can i download the latest version? And previous too…
I use the device in the car as a dac player for my dsp,the update started and it gave me an error during installation and it doesn’t work as it should. + Where can I find all command lines hat can be entered in…And all hidden info. Thanks to everyone

Hi, the firmware is not available from Arylic, if you see the HD info in the app, the proyect is Muzo Coblestone, Arylic not has been change any line of code, OTAs are fron Linkplay directly.

HTTP commands are not valid for htis device.

250$for garbage.

Oh no… This is very bad information for me, because now i cant use device with the hotspot from my mobile in car…hmm :confused:

Dont they have any support or something ?