Up2Stream HD DAC: USB input possible?

I am using a Up2Stream HD DAC to stream music to an amplifier in a van. Does anyone know how to connect a USB input to the Up2Stream HD DAC so music can be sent from an iPhone to the HD over a wired connection?

USB C input on HD is only for power, you cant feed digital data in.
You will need to use Bluetooth or the apple airplay 2 wireless connection on the HD to get music from Iphone to HD for mobile use unless you use a mobile router and then you can use wifi.

Thank you for answering my question! Is it possible to add a USB interface to the digit input pins?

You can see the format of the Digital input; its for Optical/Coax input not the same format as a usb port (also shown);

Your other option is to use the Hotspot facility of the Up2stream HD, link your iphone to the HD’s Wifi hotspot. Your phone can then send music to the HD via wifi. Hope this helps

Thank you again for the response. Yes, I am able to connect in the ways you described. But, I am hoping to add a USB connection for use by others who are unable to use Airplay. I understand Bluetooth is also available, but it is a lower-quality connection. If it is not possible, it is ok. But if only a matter of purchasing a option board, I would be interested.

The Hotspot seems to be your best option, other users can download the 4STREAM app to their phone link and it will find their local source music also, they can then link to the Hotspot. Their phone will then stream at up to 24/192 depending on the music/music source.

Thanks! Sounds like a good plan