up2Stream HD DAC source select

Hello, first time here, so apologies to all the pros:
I want to incorporate this unit (up2Stream HD DAC) inside a high end HiFi receiver. I will connect the signal out to the “tuner” input of the receiver, I just need a way to select the source in the DAC. What would be the best way to do this? A button? A 4pos rotary dial with resistors (BT, USB, DAC, Aux)? Installed on the front aluminum plate of the receiver.
Could anyone suggest how to do this?

I don’t think that the Arylic button board is compatible with the HD board? but as you say you could use momentary contact push button switches with resistors to select the source.
I think the best idea would be to use remote to select the source.


Hello, the GPIO Inputs offer a KEY Input. According to Documentation, you may choose the Input with a simple button. Also you can choose the IR Reciever after modification (check my Projectthread) and of course you may choose the input via App.