Up2Stream HD DAC max Voltage power supply

Hello, does anybody know what the maximum and minimum voltage for the poer supply of the Up2Stream HD DAC is? I was wandering if I could use 2 LifePo4 batteries in series to power it.

Hi Marcos,
The HD DAC specifications note the power input requirement as 5V / 2A, 2 x 3.2V LiFePo4’s in series would be about 20% over voltage, to be safe, I would add a step-down converter.

Hi Steve, thank you for your reply. Yes the 5v is nominal power rating but most of the times it can take some variation.
I want to avoid switching power supplies. The reason I want to use batteries is to have a clean power.

Fully understand, alternatively, initially you could try adding a LC filter to a switching supply? From my experience, they do decrease switching noise.