After purchasing and testing, I found that the new Up2Stream HD DAC does not support http control commands! Why does the Up2Stream HD DAC streamer on the new chip not respond after sending http get requests?

Sorry for the unconvienience, but the HTTP API used only https on this platform because of secure issue, and it’s only used by authorised APP client. You still can control it via UPNP method.

where is the description of the UPNP control protocol?

@Andrey_Ogoltsov Andrey,

The intention is to document this https://developer.arylic.com/docs/

However this is mainly volunteer work :face_with_head_bandage: for the good of the forum.

It would help if you could explain/present your front end control as the quickest and simplest solution with UPnP/DLNA would be “curl” commands. For example, in the short term, if you could provide your functional demands I could post the the relevant curl commands that may be of interest to you.

Kind Regards, Kevin

P.S. it should also be noted that I believe that the Arylic Devices are DLNA Compliant so they will follow the “DLNA Standard” which is available on the Internet. I’ll try to make a brief list of relevant and informative links if you want to explore that route. The major advantage is that anything you create will work with any UPnP/DLNA compliant equipment e.g. many TV’s etc.

Андрей, если сталкивались с программным обеспечением Iridium Mobile, то в нём интегрирована возможность управления по UPnP.
Есть рабочие примеры на сайте в разделе Документация.