Up2Stream has access to LMS and Ipeng LMS app

For those who have recently moved into streaming one of the early developers was Logitech who made a range of streaming devices under the brand ‘Squeezebox’ and just as streaming was gaining popularity they pulled out the market???.

They did a very good thing though when they pulled out, they left the Logitech Media Server software open and a whole team of amateur developers jumped at the chance to develop plugins. The LMS now forms the core of many music streaming solutions and is very popular with Pi based streaming solutions with multiple OS for the PI such as Picoreplayer, Volumio, Daphile plus a a whole lot more including roon endpoint software.

Someone (philippe_44) developed an Airplay Bridge on to the LMS plugin page.
Activating this, lets LMS see the Arylic Up2stream devices as players, with all the benefits of data streaming info/Album/Artist Bio information not accessible on the Up2Stream App. This extra info only applies to the ripped albums already on your LMS server and not to Tidal/Amazon Music.

This adds an extra string to the bow of flexibility of the Arylic devices in that it now supplements your LMS/Squeezebox infrastructure.

All this taken with the fact that I can now stream my vinyl onto the Arylic system via the Analog input has really made the Up2Stream my goto streaming devices for ease of use.

see my article in the Squeezebox Forum;