Up2Stream Dac Board - distortion

I have the mini v3 outputting to the dac board - which has distortion. This sounds like it is a certain frequencies only. Sometime bass notes, sometimes mid voices.

without the dac board, via minijack from v3 mini no distortion.

Things I have also eliminated, as potential causes:

  • plugging, unplugging, moving around i2s data cable / covering the data cable in thin wrap of foil as a shield
  • moving power lead, etc. away from speaker cables, speakers, etc.
  • swapping speakers, amp, cables, etc.

Does this sound like the dac is broken, or perhaps needs a dedicated supply…?

I have a Up2Stream Pro V3 with DAC extension board and notice that, if I have the volume turned up all the way in the app, I do get some distortion. When I turn the volume down one notch, it seems ok.

I suspect that it is exceeding the 3Vrms that my preamp is looking for on its input.

I have not tried the onboard DAC/output.

I personally would prefer a set output level (no volume control) if using the DAC extension board, with the level set at 3Vrms, like most audio sources. Having volume adjustment on a device affecting the RCA outputs just doesn’t make sense to me…