UP2STream - CTRL_OUT GPIO and relay control when SLEEP and AWAKE

I built up2stream v3 pro into an old receiver. Everything works perfectly. There’s a little problem though. Using the fact that we can put the UP2S to sleep and wake up with the remote control, I would like to wake up the receiver at the same time by controlling the 230V relay.

Unfortunately, the CTRL_OUT signal is completely unsuitable for this in the state it is controlled by my U2S. Low when music is playing and high when nothing is playing.

Is there any firmware version that has simple functionality. When U2S sleeps it is low and when it is awake it is high?

You can use NC contacts on relay instead of NO for output

Yes, but the CTRL_OUT signal is related to playback (active) and not to the state of the device: sleep, awake. It’s useless.

Maybe you could use signal from mode LED, I know there is light off on remote, but …