Up2Stream: API for L/R volume or balance?


I have an Up2Stream stereo board (v4, firmware 4.6) where the left/right channel is connected to a mono speaker in a different room. From my home automation, I want to play sounds/text2speech messages only in specific rooms, i.e. I need to control the volume of the L/R channel. Muting the L/R channel or changing the balance would also be an option.

Is there an API to do that?

Thanks in advance!

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I just found some old API info and it seems you already can change the balance.
For Home Assistant you can use the link2play integration via HACS and do a service call like this:
service: linkplay.command
notify: true
entity_id: media_player.terras
command: MCU+PAS+RAKOIT:BAL:0&

The range of balance is -100 to 100 (left - right)