Up2Stream Amp V4 - Line Out?

Hello All!

Just received my board and in my project I´d like to use the board’s line in to receive TV audio and also a line out to send stream signal to an external receiver.
Looking at the board’s manual I just found the pins to passive speaker outs which I understand also carry power much higher than a regular line out signal level.

Are there specific pins for line out signal in that board?


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Hi @Gabriel_Simoes thanks for ask questions in our forum!

Yes you can find line out port here for pin 19:

The output is 1Vrms.

Thanks for your reply!
Based on the manual that came with the board, this should be used to connect passive speakers so I though this had power as well.
Just double checking: can I connect those pins to a line in entrance on my receiver without risk to burn it?


Hi Gabriel,

Yes, you can connect the signals from port #19 on th emanual. These PINs are audio signals which is not amplified, the max voltage will be 1Vrms which is normally the same output with an phone, and no risk of burning anything at all.