Up2stream AMP V4 can't be found in 4STREAM App

Hi All,

I’m new to Arylic, I got my first Up2stream AMP V4 and speakers today. My plan is to use this to create, in the end, a 7-zone home sound system managed by Home Assistant… but I’m taking baby steps: getting the 1-AMP+2-Speakers to work with the 4STREAM app…

I was able to start the AMP and it connected to my Wifi. When I look into my Unifi Admin page I can see SoundSystem_4D01 connected to the Wifi network with IP My phone is also connected to the same wifi (IP

The AMP board is showing a green blinking LED and when I open the 4STREAM app it continues to circle and trying to find the AMP… no luck. The offered alternative way to setup also does not work.

I think the problem might be caused that during the initial setup my iPhone shut down due to zero battery…

Any suggestions? Is there an easy way to factory reset the AMP? As I also selected the wrong Wifi…

Thank you for your help!

Hi Charles,
If you press and hold the power button for five seconds should reset the wifi.

Hi @Steve1,

Thanks you very much for your advise. That WiFi reset did not work somehow.

I went for the 3 fast clicks on the power button to reset to factory settings, Then did everything again and this time it worked.


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