Up2Stream Amp v4 - Can I add a 2 pin connector for DC in?

I am currently working on transforming two old passive speakers to wireless streaming active speakers.
For this purpose I will use the Up2Stream Amp v4. And to power the Amp v4, I would like to use a 2-wire-cable with a JST socket.

On the board I have seen a spot with two holes without a connector, marked as V+ and GND (see Red box in picture). This spot is near the DC input connector (see light blue box in picture).


  • Can the spot in the red box be used to connect 12v DC input to?
    (If so, I would like to solder a 2-pin connector to it)


Hi Ernst,
In the user manual it’s marked as 23. V+, GND (12-24V DC IN) so what you are suggesting is feasible.

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You’re right @Steve1 , thnx!

I tried today to remove/reflow the solder on the bottom side of the pcb, to add a connector on this point.

My soldering iron was set to 350 degrees celcius and I used flux, but the solder did not melt.

I want to prevent damaging the board by just increasing the temperature of the soldering iron.

1 - Does anyone have experience with removing/reflowing the factory solder?
2 - What is the right temperature?

Hi Ernst,
Pretty much all solder used these days is lead free and the melting temperature is higher. In such cases I usually try to reflow the join with some 60/40 resin core solder (40% lead) this can often make it flow enough to either suck with a solder sucker or wick.
Alternatives might be to either get a small drill bit and drill through the solder pad or solder your DC in wires directly to the board.
Have fun! :grinning:

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