Up2Stream Amp playing through 1 speaker only

My UP2STREAM_AMP_V4 was working great on my two passive speakers. Starting yesterday, it only plays through 1 of the 2.

I know the issue is not with the wiring or speakers as I plugged into my Arylic A50 and it was perfect.

I have tried restoring to factory settings and no difference.

Any ideas?

Hi slamantia,
Can you provide photos or videos of the equipment working? I want to know your steps clearly, thank you~

Joia, thank you for your reply. I was able to get the amp “working” by changing the wiring from stereo to mono.

+ - + - to + + - -

Doing this allowed sound to come out of both speakers.

However, I have no idea why the amp suddenly decided to change it’s mind about the wiring I had in place for over 6 months. It seems like it suddenly was expecting a mono wiring connection.

Have you tried changing the jumper plugs from mono to stereo?

Steve1 thanks - I’m not even sure what jumper plugs are and not sure how they could have been changed.

Are you getting a stereo output from the speakers or is it the same in each channel?

Good question - I do not know. My passive speakers are on my patio and are not high end. They sounded fine when I did the re-wiring and there was no obvious sound issue.

I’m still perplexed as to how it could have suddenly changed. It makes me worried that something else will fail down the road. I’ve reached out to Arylic support and no response yet.