Up2Stream Amp Mono / Stereo ?

I am about to build a stereo speaker set with two passive speakers. I intend to build an ‘Up2Stream Amp Stereo’ inside the speaker box. Some things I need to know about this Amp board.

  1. The difference between Amp Mono and Amp Stereo are just the jumpers preset to Stereo or Mono. Is that correct?
  2. This board needs between 12v and 24volt DC power. How much Ampere is needed from the power supply I will use?
  3. There is an on-board Power button. Does it mean, if I build the board in a closed casing, that I need to extend this Power button to be operated from the outside?

Hi Ernst,
How are you going?
From what I have read on the forum the mono version of the amplifier is a stereo amplifier with a PBTL bridge mode feature, the amplifier will deliver a greater wattage output on the mono configuration.
The switching supply that Arylic sells is rated at 4.16A @ 24V, I would go for a supply that delivers around 5A, a bit in reserve is always good.
I’m pretty sure that the reset/power button on the amp versions are the same configuration as the mini board that you are familiar with. Yes, you can easily extend this if required.

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Hi @Steve1, all fine, how about yourself?
Thanks for responding.

Concerning the power button of the ‘Up2Stream Amp Stereo’:

  • If the power supply is connected to the board, will it then turn on, or is it needed the press the power button to make it power up?

Hi Ernst, the power supply will wake up the power directly.
You don’t need one more step to click the button😁

@Joy Thnx for the confirmation!

By the way, is there any function with this board that it can switch to stand-by / low power consumption, when no audio signal is being detected?

Our amp board will sleep automatically when no audio signal after 10mins.
And you can do any operation to wake it up:)

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That’s great Joy, then I will order some!

  1. What is the power consumption in ‘sleep’ mode?
  2. I assume I can combine 2x Up2Stream Amp Stereo, into one group of speakers. One for left and one for right channel. Is that correct?

1 minutes by default actually :slight_smile:

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I know you got a note on this already, but I can also confirm with my v4 amp stereo devices that they default to power on when connected to power.

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