Up2Stream Amp Mono & PSU: how hot in a fully enclosed speaker box?

I am thinking about transforming two vintage, passive speakers, into wireless active speakers.

I intend to use:

  1. The Up2Stream Amp Mono (one for each speaker).
  2. AC/DC PSU to drive the Up2Stream Amp Mono.

Up2Stream Amp Mono:
Schermafbeelding 2023-08-21 om 13.50.26


My question
Both the Amp and the PSU will produce heat. And the inside of the speaker casing is completely filled with damping material. The PSU has a case to keep the damping material away from components. And I think I need a case to protect the Amp to. But will this get too hot or not?

  1. Does anyone have experience with building these two components in a fully/air closed speaker box?
  2. Can this be done, or do I need other precautions?