Up2Stream AMP 2.1

We have updated the new firmware of AMP 2.1, the update points are as follows:
New version: 44

AMP 2.1 changes:
1、improved system stability
2、adjusted default volume step to 3
3、disabled activating network setup automatically when connection lost
4、fixed, user selected EQ did not take effect when next power on
5、fixed, VB settings are not saved
6、fixed, failed to setup wifi sometimes

Thank you for your support~

Hello, is this for the Plate 2.1 version too?

I tried the new firmware today.
SPOILER: I’ll stay on 4.6.415145.35 that I downloaded here → Firmware |

Bluetooth has little klicks / hiccups 2-3 times per minute.
Multiroom is a little more stable - but that´s not my priotity feature.
But the worst: virtual bass now is setting to 30% after each restart… why???
There wasn`t any problem with VB before.

This pretty piece of hardware is becoming more and more unusable.
Someday I´ll rip off that linkplay board and leave it as pure bluetooth / line-In box without internet and forced updates.

Please allow us to stay on older firmware versions without having to block the ota server on every device it will connect to.

added an emergency switch today :rofl: