Up2Stream 2.1 Plate Amplifier not outputting to drivers

I have an Arylic Up2Stream 2.1 Plate Amplifier which I have been programming with the ACP Workbench software. The device is connected to a loudspeaker with 3 drivers.

The device worked beautifully initially. I added some filters using ACP workbench, ‘audio effect’ tab and uploaded these to the device.

However, the device has suddenly stopped producing sound. This happened while I was using ACP Workbench to program the device.

I have probably made a mistake using the software, but as I can’t work out what has caused the device to stop producing sound, I thought I’d try resetting the device to its original settings. I tried clicking ‘Factory Reset’ as shown in this tutorial ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool Step by Step Tutorial - YouTube but the settings do not change and the problem of the speaker not emitting sound persists.

Does anyone know how to reset the device so that the speaker will hopefully work again.