up2stream 2.1 Plate Amp .... what influences the Bass and the Treble

I am really confuced what influences what in the AMP. There are in total four options to change the SPL in different Frequencies.

Tone in 4Stream App in Android - only Bass and Treble
Webapp - Bass, Mids, Treble, Deep Bass, Equalizer
The manuell Knops directly on the Plate for Bass and Tone
The ACPWorkbench

Very confusing …
Are they all working indendently (so you can add all Bass up from all options?
Or are they all influencing the same internal mechanism?

My understanding so far:

  1. nanuell Knops are independently of all other options
  2. Web App and AndroidApp influence the same internal mechanism, but Android is more limited.
  3. ACP Workbench is again seperated from the other options except the Equalizer on Top. This ist stored in Flash Ram and that is the one where you can switch between different setups with the WebApp.

Is this correct so far? Any other observations?

The Virtual Bass option in Workbench … is this the same as the DB option in WebAppp?
Is there a possibility to change with ACPWorkbench what you influence with the knobs.

Best Regards

Hi Michael, basically your understanding is correct, and you could check this post to understand what is happening. And regarding the knobs, it’s only used to adjust volume and can’t be changed.