Up2Stream 2.1 Audio Output for LED lights

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I’m currently building a wireless PA system using the Up2Stream 2.1 board. I’ve configured it in ACP Workbench to output in mono for the stereo channels, with Left being mid range and Right being for high range. My problem is that I want to add some dancing LED lights to the front being the grill so when at a party we have not only good sounding music but dancing/flashing lights too. On every other Up2Stream (execpt the mini and SubAmp) they have an audio output 3.5mm jack or 4pin connector which I would use to plug into my LED control module, however I cannot see one nor is one listed in the instruction manual for the 2.1 Amp. Does anyone know when I could take an audio output from, or a way of achieving my goal?

Also if I am being blind as there is on please let me know too😁.

Incase anyone suggests it I know LED controllers with mics in the exist to make the LED dance however they don’t pick up the music very well when incase inside the speaker (from my experience), whilst also picking up a lot of external noise as well, ones with audio inputs I find work much better for what I want to achieve.

If anyone can help or advise that would be great.


Would like to do something similar @Ryan_Kelly. I confirm I can’t see an obvious solution but I might research tapping into the speaker output for this. Will need to research signal levels before giving it a try. Do you have a part number or manual for your light controller ? I will check out mine, my experience and share. Regards Kevin

did not consider this requirement in the beginning, but if you want, you can try to solder wires on the 2 capacitors just above the 2PINs 5V socket. The only risk is you might introduce some noise, can have a try anyway.

And another way is to set the SPDIF as output, and use this signal for the LED board but not sure if it accept the digital input.


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Thank you both for replying, and trying to help. @zpl1025 does the DAC add on board not work off the same output (so I don’t need an external DAC, as the led controller does not support SPDIF in)? If it does that could work.

@NWT.Stuff there are a couple I am looking at one that just supports Blutooth control (for mode, colour. Brightness… via app connected via blutooth), the other works over WiFi which I’d preffer for range and multi connectability (channing/group several together). Below should be a pictures of each type (white = blutooth LC1000A, gold = wifi LC2000B). They are avalible on AliExpress.

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sure, the DAC output is the 2 capacitors which I’ve marked. You can try to solder wires on it and get the audio signal output.

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@Ryan_Kelly I’ll take a photo of what I have in place tomorrow and feed back. Will need to read @zpl1025 Franks suggestions properly too. Regards Kevin

I would use a cheap DAC from Amazon - about £15

DAC Converter,eSynic 192KHZ Upgraded DAC Converter Digital to Analog Audio Converter with Volume Control,Optical to Analog Stereo Audio R/L Converter with Optical Cable for PS3 HD DVD Sky Blu-ray etc: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo

That’ll give you line level out with no soldering.