Up2Stream 2.1 Amplifiers

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I’ve just read over the sales information on the Arylic 2.1 amplifier, but am unable to see anywhere it says that it’s suitable for bi-amping?
How then can you say that it’s “unusable shit” then when you are using it for something it wasn’t designed for?
Sure, a lot of the Forum users, including myself try to use the Arylic components in different ways, sometimes they work, sometimes not but going off your tree about how you couldn’t get your proposed system to work is just showing your inabilities, weaknesses and shortcomings.
Happy DIY-ing!

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Can you give me some context to your comment. The sub amp appears to have a high pass filter hard encoded. Unless you can flip one of the R/L channels to the other so L becomes R, then I can’t see how you can do bi-amping from the Upstream 2.1. I would investigate the Upstream Mono for this application, but even then, I’m not sure you’d be able to assign both channels to the same channel, and create a DSP crossover. You may look have to look at another vendor for that kind of functionality.

Maybe someone from Arylic can chime in?

My comment to the previous poster was to say that it was most probably NOT suitable for bi-amping, my conclusions were the same as yours.