Up2Stream 2.1 AMP external RGB LED Help.

Hi! I am currently trying to get an RGB light working for external use to show the amp’s input setting. I’m not a hero with electronics. The RGB led that I use is this one:

Looking on top of the amp’s connector, I have the LED ground connected to the second pin from left. I have a 1K resistor soldered to the LED leads (except for ground). When I touch the amp’s connector pins with one of the LED color leads, I get the LED to light up. The thing is that switching the amp’s input mode does not seem to change the pin output of the board. For example: When I set the amp to BT, and I have the LED connected to the BT pin, the LED lights up. But when I change the amp’s input source to WIFI the LED is still on, while it should turn of at that point. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Niek,
It looks like you have chosen the wrong type of LED, the type you have is called a ‘Common Cathode’ what you require is a ‘Common Anode’ type to make this work.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply. I just tried the same pins but with a single green LED and a 1K resistor. I get an identical behavior. Any idea?

The long LED lead (the anode) should have the 1k resistor, this should be connected to the first pin (3.3v) the short leg of the LED (the cathode) connected to the required output pin (ie usb, BT, Line, wifi)