Universal remote control for mini v3


I’ve been trying to work out how to volume control my custom 2.1 setup for an office tv I’m building and the sub amp plate already has a nice stereo output. It’s a Samsung tv and they don’t do volume control out for optical or stereo. I had an old Marantz receiver that had power issues, and I dug it out but it still browns and is a headache. I’d rather the control be built into the system and the mini v3 looks perfect. I looked at hdmi extractors, etc… but they’re about the same price as this.

Primarily I want to remote control volume from my Samsung remote. It’s has a universal function for receivers. There’s little info on the mini’s remote support. Can I have it learn from other remotes?

I appreciate the streaming support and intend to use it but this is my primary application. I’m ordering from Amazon and they don’t have the remote or add on boards in Canada. Any experience or advice would be great! Thanks.