Unable to update firmware

Hi Guys, I’ve searched the web and this forum for an answer on this but I’m getting nowhere.

I’ve got 3x Up2Stream Amp 2.0 V4/Mono. 2x of them are on firmward 4.6.415145.36. The other is on 4.2.7425.36 but I cant get it to update.

It wont open in a browser. I just get error ’ Access Error: Site or Page Not Found | Cannot open URL’

When I use the update tool, it connects OK but I get an error in DSP Version: ERROR: Failed to get firmware version. When I click ‘update’ it says its on the latest firmware version but whenever i try and link wifi devices, 4stream says that the firmware isnt the same.

Does anyone have any ideas? It appears to me that the linkplay needs the firmware updating. I’ve downloaded the ‘linkplay’ app and it says that all firmware on all modules is up to date?

Thanks in advance