UART & changing SSID of Mini v4

I am trying to change the SSID of my Up2Stream Mini v4 using UART and the ‘UART_Passthrough_test’ software. But somehow, I am not able to get the changed SSID fixed into the memory of the Mini.

What I have done

  1. I connected the Up2Stream device with a USB power cable, to start it up.
  2. Then I started the ‘uart_passthrough-test’ software.
  3. At ‘Device IP’ I filled in the IP address of the Up2Stream device (used 4Stream App to look it up). Some Chinese characters the appeared right from the ‘connect’ button. (I assume it is a confirmation of the connection)
  4. I filled in the appropriate string of commands (in the field box with ‘MCU+’): MCU+PAS+RAKOIT:DEF:NAM:{Hex-code}& (always close the string with ‘&’)
  5. I finalized by saving: MCU+PAS+RAKOIT:DEF:SAV&
  6. I rebooted the Up2Stream Mini.
  7. I powered the Up2Stream device down, and powered it up again. And checked the SSID in the 4Stream App.

Result: these steps did not work.
Then I made following changes in the steps:

  • Instead of rebooting by power down and powering up, I made a factory reset in the 4Stream App > Result: no changed SSID.
  • Between step 3 and 4 I added the command string: MCU+PAS+RAKOIT:DEF:FXN:0& as this could enable the SSID to be overwritten. I also tried MCU+PAS+RAKOIT:DEF:FXN:1& > Result: no changed SSID.


  1. Who knows what I should change in my steps to overwrite the Mini’s SSID with my own?
  2. Does the SSID have a maximum number of characters?
  3. Can the SSID have spaces between characters?
  4. Can the SSID have characters like (, ), #, and so on?

Screenshot of the ‘UART_Passthrough_test’ software.
Schermafbeelding 2023-08-11 om 15.33.07

Hi Ernst,
The steps and commands are no problem, but you need to make sure you have connected to device. The prompt is showing that you did not connect to board. And after you type in the IP, and you need to click the ‘connect’ button to connect. And if succeed, you could see some messages in the larger input area, you could try adjust volume on APP to make sure. Most of the commands you’ve sent to the device will have a reply to confirm the changes.

And one last thing to mention, you need to reset factory to change, because the DEF command is designed to set the default settings, not the settings itself, so it will only take effect when you do factory reset.

Thanks @zpl1025 / Frank!

I assumed I was connected, but cannot read the Chinese characters.
I will try again and check if the larger input area show a message.