UART API protocol

For an audio system, I’m trying to develop a driver for the Up2Stream Mini that uses the UART port (and not the HTTP API) . So far I have been using this as a specification of the API together with the information in this topic .

I have a number of questions, especially regarding the format of messages.:

  1. When I send a query, does it need to be terminated with a semi-colon “;”? e.g.
  1. I am assuming that all commands to be executed have their parameter list terminated with semi-colon. Am I right? e.g.:
  1. How are responses terminated? For instance with a newline:

or some other way.?

  1. In sending a command or query are these also additionally terminated with a newline “\n”? e.g:

or for an executable command:

  1. And finally, what are the logic levels for the UART port,? 3.3V or 5V?

Many thanks if someone can give me some answers.

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Hi Adoble, all commands are sent and received with ‘;’ terminator, and as all commands are ASCII text based, so you could ignore all the non alpha digital characters received, including the 0x0a or 0x0d, etc.

Many thanks,

I’ll change my code to reflect this.

Cheers, Andrew