TV picture turns black when playing bluray

Hello to everyone!

I am using a LG TV and a LG blueray player connected by HDMI. Sound is played over a B50 connected to the eARC output of the TV. My Intention was to have only one remote (LG magic remote) for all devices.

With the original firmware i observed a stuttering of the motion picture when playing Blurays and that the B50 would not awake to ARC when starting the TV. The software update described in another topic was a remedy. But another phenomenon was not healed: When playing Blurays, the screen is blanked (black), the picture is stopped for a about second. This occurs every few minutes or so, very annoying and not tolerable. Is there any help?


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Hey Everyone,

I’ve been encountering an issue with my LG TV and Blu-ray player setup. They’re connected via HDMI, and the sound is routed through a B50 connected to the eARC output of the TV. My goal was to streamline everything with just one remote, the LG magic remote. Initially, with the original firmware, I noticed motion picture stuttering while playing Blu-rays, and the B50 wouldn’t activate the ARC when turning on the TV. Has anyone faced a similar problem or found a solution? On a related note, considering the tech-savvy community here, has anyone integrated their TV experiences with apps like PicsArt? Share your thoughts and experiences…Good Luck.

I am using a similar set up. LG TV with LG Bluray connected to TV via HDMI and HDMI ARC connected to B50. Remote control is with magic remote of TV. The B50 wakes up when TV is powered on. The TV wakes up when Bluray is powered on.
Pls check whether you have enables SIMPLINK in TV settings and also in Go Control app the ARC standby should be enabled. If this is done, I think one remote will control the whole setup.