TV furniture with built in speakers

What do you make for a friends 50th birthday, if its not speakers?
What do you make for a friends 50th birthday without getting on the edge with his wife, but discrete speakers?

Based on an Arylic 2.1 AMP, 4pcs Dayton PS95 and a downfiring Dayton DCS165 Subwoofer.
A “beast” nearly 2m long, with hidden power supply, internal cable ducts, a shelf for network/TV receiver, two drawers with hidden handles and soft close.

Pretty happy with how this turned out and still pretty impressed by the performance of that small Arylic Amp.
BUT YES; I should be better at tidying up between work, and before taking pictures ;o) I KNOW.

Missing some footage in here, but I sometimes forget taking pictures.

Hopefully return shortly with a picture in use on its final location.