TV audio streaming: how to get audio & video synched?

Thank you for your contribution @melanieyoung !
Some remarks from my side:

TV output settings
This is one of the challenging parts. Many TV manufacturers offer settings in the TV menu’s for ‘lip-sync’ or ‘audio delay’, But unfortunately, I have only seen that adjusting this setting does not close the gap. In fact, sometimes the gap even increases, because it is ‘audio delay’ and what I need is ‘Video delay’. I have also seen that ‘Lip sync’ could be set as a negative number, e.g. -3, which suggests a kind of video delay. But in practice it does not work.

Low-latency codex like aptX
aptX is a bluetooth codec and operates on a bluetooth connection. In my setup I need to use WiFi.

Solution / Arylic request
What I think would still be the best solution, is if Acrylic would implement WISA. I am aware that implementing this, probably involves a quite high WISA-license cost. But:

  1. For connecting WiFi-based wireless speakers to TV’s there are hardly good products to do so. So there is still a gap in the market to fulfill = opportunity for Arylic.
  2. I would need it implemented with the Up2Stream Mini. And I can imagine that it would work if Arylic a) either makes a Mini+ with the WISA support integrated, or b) have a small plug-in sold optional to the Mini board.