TuneIn: stations have difficulty to start, or pause during streaming

Using TuneIn from within the 4Stream App, I have some issues with streaming radio stations.

What happens:

  1. When starting a radio station, the stream won’t start. It either takes for ever to get the stream started, or I get a pop-up message saying: “Prompt - Now can’t play, please choose others” (see picture below).

  2. When the radio station does start streaming, within 2 minutes it pauses for 2 to 5 seconds (silence) and then continues.

Anyone having the same issue?

Yes, there is such a problem. But this is a problem not an application, but in the absence of broadcast on the Tunein side.
Pause about 2 seconds is normal. The device needs some time to buffering the content (this is my personal opinion).

Thnx @Dmitry for responding!

I get your point, and obviously hick-ups can occur. But I think that my current experience is about something else. Especially the fact that some radio stations are not able to connect at all, or need 3 - 5 attempts before they connect.

So I think there’s more going on.