Trouble adding SPDIF IN add-on Board

Thanks Rob, Maybe its because standard the I2S output is selected as on. now you use the spdif input selected it might conflict with that. so try to set i2s off.

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I’ve checked with the Up2Stream PRO V3 and SPDIF IN board, it works fine for playing alone (listen from Up2Stream PRO V3 board directly), and also grouped with other devices as master.
Please try to locate the problem seperately. First confirm the Up2Stream PRO V3 can accept the SPDIF signal and have sound out, listen from it’s AUX output. And then check grouped in multiroom as master. Can compare with other input source.

its getting frustrating now meanwhile. I did the factory reset on the V3pro board in ACP and in 4stream. There is no detection of the spdif board (input) in the 4stream app with the remote control. The volume board still doesnt work at all. The latest firmware is 27.
What could be wrong… Can you please come with a good solution?
that would be great.

Please try to follow these steps:
1, factory reset on ACPWorkbench
2, config the SPDIF pin to input and save to device
3, factory reset on APP, and connect the device to network (or use ethernet)
4, while the device found on APP, it should have extra input method Optical
5, connect the SPDIF IN board (make sure the board is input, you should find silkprint on board)
6, select Optical on APP, and the green LED should blink
7, feed some optical signal to the board and the green LED should become constant
8, check the AUX output.

I am really struggling making SPDIF working…

Having enabled SPDIF input from ACPWorkbench, flashed several times and also followed all steps above. Everything seems correct - but still no sound out.

One detail is that I am not able to disable I2S0 as proposed above - the tickbox is locked.

Another open question: For SPDIF input I am able to switch between _IN0 and _IN1? Is this referring to Optical and RCA input respectively?? (Both input are currently connected)

The actual setup:

  • Up2stream Mini V3
  • SPDIF In Board
  • Button Board
  • IR Remote Control

I had to add a Tag to my Pro V3 using the ACP Software. I added the tag SRC:OPT, once I did this the SPDIF Input started working and the Green input light stopped flashing.

I got the tag information I added from this article on the forums, Latest API documents and UART protocols - #3 by zpl1025.

I hope this helps.


You don’t need to change anything on the first tab (Audio Module), but just check the 2nd tab (Audio Effect).
And you should find the PIN function configuration in the bottom. It’s a list for selection.
And what Jarrod mentioned is to switch the mode to optical, since you have the remote control, you can press the OPT button directly.

Hmm… This is exactly what I have already done. I am able to play from BT as well as USB and I can chose among the sources sending tags or directly from the remote. Everything seems fine - but no sound with SPDIF input. Have even tested with several different sources and optical as well as RCA input.

Settings are below:

Hmm… Not really successful…

I’ve now tried the complete procedure once again, tested with another connection cable and even with external 5 V power connected either the _Mini_V3.0 board or the SPDIF input board. When I switch from the original sound source to ‘Opt’ the sound disappears but still no connection to SPDIF. I don’t see any green LED neither flashing nor constant.


  1. Where should I find the green LED indicating digital input?
  2. Confirm that cable from SPDIF input board must be connected to slot (2) (marked II2-Out, SPDIF Out)?
  3. Confirm that optical and RCA digital input works in parallel; i.e. RCA input enabled when selecting ‘Opt’?

Could off course also be a hw failure - unfortunately I only have access to one board currently.

One little step forward :slight_smile:

After updating to most recent firmware SPDIF optical in is actually playing!

Nevertheless I don’t see any green LED (flashing or constant) and SPDIF input to the RCA connector does still not work :frowning: As soon as I connect a source to the RCA input while playing from optical the sound disappears and no more happens…

I see same behavior when using SPDIF as input source to a Up2stream Amp V4 board - which also shows red (not green) LED flashing or constant depending on if digital signal is present or not.

  • How do I enable SPDIF input to the RCA connector??

Unfortunately the supplied user manual is of very limited value…

For the COAX input, I have to say we made a mistake for this board, it did not follow the SPDIF specification for coaxial which has input voltage 0.4Vpp~0.6Vpp. We just connected the connecter into MCU directly, and it will expect 0~3.3V, which is not suitable to connect to other digital player… for now, please use optical only.
Also, the COAX and output of Optical adapter are sharing the sampe SPDIF input to MCU, so they will interference with each other.

Please excuse my honesty: I am really sorry to see this information now and disappointed that this is not is being said loud and clear at neither your website nor the information supplied with the board!
With this information in hand I could have saved hours of testing and fiddling with board setup and connections trying to make the RCA connector working.
Nevertheless we really need the RCA input for our purpose; optical is not an option. Hope you have an acceptable workaround to fix this issue? If not I most conclude that Arylic platform was the wrong choice even though it is nice design in many other aspects…

Sorry for the time wasted, we did not consider this seriously for the coaxial connection, and we need to update the SPDIF OUT board hardware to fix this issue.

Hi i have the AMP 2.0 V4 and SPDIF IN board.
I need to use the coaxial input on the SPDIF board - there is no way to use it now? Or i am not right? Because i tried many things and no sound comes out.

I’m afraid yes, the board expected input level to 3.3V and normally the coax signal of consumer device uses 0.5V

Unfortunately what I had on the feel from the start, I am so tired of problems and wasting time others create for one.
Can you suggest a modification we can perform ourselves.

It is a bit difficult and complicate to modify the board directly. It’s the pain and joy of DIY… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please refer to the following image, the SPDIF-IN is the input signal from coaxial and the To MCU is where to connect to the input pin. It is used to convert the voltage level of input signal.

Ok that’s look easy. I ordered the ICs. So when they will arrive i will test it.

It is even more painful if you are designing a commercial streamer amp with a not working spdif input board :upside_down_face: And this is the last bit that isnt working. I guess the new board will have an automatic switch between coax and optical, and the remote button should have the name: spdif. Plus add an extra led on the Up2stream V4 board (yellow) for the spdif input :slight_smile:

Is there any news on this topic?

Unfortunately I discovered this thread only AFTER ordering 4 off SPDIFF IN boards,
I ordered them for usage of the Coax-In ONLY.

Is there a good chance that I will receive updated boards without this non-working Coax-In, or are these boards not updated/fixed (hardwarewise) at all?