Transmit and Receive

Can the B50 transmit and receive simultaneously? I was trying to get the unit to play from an Iphone and play through a Bose Bluetooth speaker at the same time. The problem was that the Iphone would link up with the speaker and not the B50 wouldn’t.

It appears that the Arylic B50 can only receive or transmit Bluetooth audio.

The Wiim Pro Plus that I purchased a while ago has separate Audio Input and Audio Output menus, so I was able to receive input through Bluetooth and play it on a Bluetooth speaker or headphones.

The answer is no. There is just one BT chip that can either receive or transmit over BT. That is if the input is set to BT then there is no possibility to re-transmit to another BT device(s) such as BT speakers and headphones. All other inputs when selected, can be transmitted to other BT devices. There are two BT antennas marked differently and this adds to the confusion. The one is used for normal BT connection and the other for Low Power Enabled devices. When in transmit mode there is always the possibility to transmit to two different paired BT devices, simultaneously (BT 5.2 standard).