Tidal streaming direct from Tidal connect - S50 Pro+ and Upstream 2 HD DAC

I’ve had the S50 Pro+ in my system since its introduction and it is a great bit of kit for streaming quality sound. I use it to stream from Tidal using the 4stream app which for the most part works fine. However, I would prefer to control the music via my laptop and Tidal Connect rather than my android mobile as I don’t find that a very user friendly interface. I understand that Arylic have no plans to upgrade The S50 Pro+ to be able to use Tidal Connect.
I note that their Upstream 2 HD DAC device will connect directly to Tidal Connect and I have asked Arylic how I could introduce this to my system without having to take the S50 Pro+out of the system. The answer I got back was unfortunately unintelligible which suggest they haven’t understood the question. Is there anybody out there on the Forum who could answer the question for me please. Many thanks in anticipation