Tidal Connect Support

So I’ve just noticed an email with the promo for the new Up2Stream HD DAC and I’ve noticed that it supports Tidal Connect.

Could you please bring this to other Arylic products via Firmware update?
I and many others would love this in A50!

Unfortunately, the device which based on A31 module does not have enough resource to support Tidal Connect.

Taht is a shame… I guess I’ll be waiting for upgraded lineup.

Hi. I managed to stream Tidal hifi files using Airplay. So can this be done through 4streem app.

To get full compatibility with Tidal (Tidal-Connect, gapless-playback) buy a WiiM Mini: SPDIF-Out to S50pro+ SPDIF-In. Works very well, the WiiM Mini is a real killer product, I’m very excited and equally a little disappointed that these features are not supported out of the box by the S50pro+ and had to be retrofitted (I had always hoped that these features would come via a firmware update on the S50pro+…). In any case, this combination works very well.
If you’re an android-user you could also install the app AirMusic for using airplay with S50pro+, it works very well.
I’m happy with the possibilities :wink: