The most unusual use of the Arylic Pro V2 board (for education purposes))

Loud headline, okay? But believe me, it is true! Have you ever had to use ordinary fruits and vegetables from a store as musical instruments? No? Well, I will be happy to share my experience and tell you why using the Arylic board was necessary and now saves me a lot of nerves.

My main job, at the moment, is related to the education of children. I manage a fairly large educational project in my city, but my previous job was related to smart homes. It was there that I got acquainted with the multiroom system and, even, installed such a system for myself (which I soon plan to expand with the Arylic 2.1 amplifier board). I wrote more about this on my Instagram, but now we are not talking about this.

In my work, we often arrange very scientific birthdays for children. At these birthdays, children put on chemical and physical experiments, conduct medical operations and much more. Well, what birthday can be without music? And here there are specific problems: often parents want to bring their child’s favorite music with them, many employees should use sound when performing or as accompaniment. Using just minijack is inconvenient, parents definitely want to take photos on their phone, and the feeling of the holiday from this worsens. Connect via Bluetooth? I can’t be sure my parents don’t have Apple. What if they want to bring a USB card? Also, my employees would like to run an HDMI presentation on monitors from their laptops, but also use speakers for better sound. The problem is that the columns are in one part of the room and the monitors are in the other.

As you probably guessed - the ideal solution was the use of Arylic Pro, which remained from my other project, why - I wrote in Instagram. All it took was to print the case for it on a 3d printer, connect to the Microlab Solo C3 columns and connect the system to the router. The most difficult thing was to teach the whole team how to use this system correctly and show that you can use the client device as a source of music. I must say that the result was excellent! Many of our clients did not even know about the function of AirPlay, and after a day of birth we use it already at home. Such a double education! * Once, then, they even asked me to make a small cartoon in the apartment, I used the 2 of the Arylic A50 amplifier.

Okay, what’s the fruit with? The fact is that at a birthday party, we, in addition to experiments, allow children to play a little scientific games. One of them is musical fruit. The goal is to demonstrate the ability of fruits to conduct electricity. So, we connect a special board to a laptop, connect fruits to it and run a special program. The problem is that we put fruit on the table, and the columns are very far away. Again, thanks to Arylic, we solved this problem. Now children arrange a real disco, playing fruit. By the way, to connect a Windows laptop, we use either just Bluetooth, or a special TuneBlade program that allows you to manage AirPlay zones with Windows. Perhaps someone will use this information.

Summary: The use of streamers at various events solves a huge number of problems and gives staff more control over what is happening. Moreover, the use of Arylic in corporate projects allows not only to circumvent the restrictions that arose due to the incorrect layout of the room, but also can increase the corporate spirit! For example, my employees pack 2,500 scientific gifts for children to music that is easily controlled by themselves from their mobile devices. It’s a great timebuilding!

P.S. I would like to add a video where all this works, but it seems that it cannot be done for this blog

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it’s really a kind of special use . Glad to know it could bring you convenience and Joy to those children :slight_smile:

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