The Kitchen Cupboard

This is not the first Kitchen Cupboard System I have implemented (I made one for a family member that still works great). Anyway here we go.

This describes Phase 2 of Arylic Device Implementation in a Spanish Villa available for Holiday Rentals. The Design Architecture is as follows

The LOUNGE Speakers are already in place. This describes the Implementation of the KITCHEN Speakers.

We can start with the Kitchen Cupboard

So the idea is to pop in the Arylic Amp (on Hard Wired LAN) with a 20VDC Power Supply

The Amp is Serving JBL Control ONE Speakers in the Kitchen Area

And whilst the stuff is always controllable on the Android or iOS APP it’s always nice to offer the “Old Skool” option of an IR Remote Control.

And a First Aid Kit always handy if you have been “head banging” to the Music :joy:

Phase 3 will be Swimming Pool Speakers in Spring.