The A50

I’m researching the Arylic A50 to make sure it is what I want before purchasing it. A few questions please:

  1. I purchased a house with two speakers in 4 different zones all mounted in the ceiling. All wires terminate at the same location where the previous owner had them attached to a receiver. I would like to play music from these wired speakers streamed on my wi-fi from my iPhone or iPad using iTunes. Is this what the A50 allows me to do?

  2. Since I have a total of 8 speakers (2 in each 4 zones), will the A50 be able to accommodate all 8 speakers? If the answer is “no, only 2 speakers”, can I then output from the A50 to a speaker selector switch that will allow me to play at the selected zones that I choose.?

I’m hoping the A50 will accommodate my needs as I’d like to use these celling mounted speakers without having to purchase a receiver.

Thank you very much.

Hi Newbie, and welcome to the forum.
Yes, your proposed A50 with the addition of a speaker selector switch would work, make sure you purchase a quality unit that has impedance switching so as not to overload the amplifier and speakers.
The other option is (if finances allow) is to add four Up2Stream stereo amps, one for each zone, then you could control the separate zone volumes from the app.