Take your Fingers off the Arylic Up2Stream HD DAC!

Hello fellow members,

after almost one year of struggle with the HD DAC I finally cancel my DIY Project because of a defective board! It is already the second board that failed. In the beginning I had a lot of difficulties finding reliable information about the hard- and software. Especially regarding SPDIF connections, GPIO connectors and non functioning firmware.
The first Board that I initially bought, failed five months later and stopped booting after firmware update.
Arylic replaced it after a lot of arguing, sending videos and photos to prove my claim.
Now, another 5 months later the board refused to boot for likely a power issue. Arylic will take back the hardware and refund the purchase under warranty, but they refuse to carry the shipping cost to China. So I will have to pay almost 50€ in order to get the scrap to China in order to get my refund!

Thank you very much Arylic!

@Froggy75 This is sad to read, in light of the similarly sloppy handling of the Deezer issue. At the same time, I was planning to buy an HD-DAC, but based on the error report topics that have appeared on the forum in the last period, it is a defective product, the operation of which is not reliable. Unfortunately, the functionality of the 4stream app has also decreased in the meantime (you can’t save your own stream links to the presets, browsing your own shares is extremely slow), so I stopped here with the Arylic product line and am trying to orient myself in a different direction.

Arylic really needs to step up regarding service. Why should you have to return broken hardware when you have already proven it is broken. That is not right!