Switch SPDIF In

Hello for everyone! Have a proble­m, i bought up2stream pro V3 + button bo­ard + SPDIF in Board
So SPDIF board is not working, read that in default mode in main board setting to SPDIF out and for moderate i need to buy additional softw­are, i bought
ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool
But in the interface of the program I can’t connect my pro V3 board, program ca­n’t see it , how i can make visible my board in the program? Now i try via conne­ction of USB / USB cable 1 in PC and 1 in board …
And maybe another way to resolve switch that the SPDIF in Board became working?

in default main board is setting to spdif in. but i f you need connect spdif out you must change in workbench tools software.

Problem with visibility of this board when I connect to USB , maybe any extra rules for right connectivity board with PC ?