Subwoofer crossover frequency in A50+ amp. ACP workbench is not user friendly

Dear Friends,
I bought a A50+ amp and quite happy with the performance. I want to know at what freqency subwoofer crossover is set in the amp. I checked with Arylic and as per their suggestion purchased ACP workbench. It is too technical and I am not able to understand. Can anyone guide me.

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Doha, Qatar

I do not have the same amp - I have the 2.1 plate amp

Connect the computer to the amp using USB
Open ACPWorkbench
Open Audio Effect
Scroll down to left/right cahnnel
Set the crossover frequency by inserting the value in Fc

Thanks a lot dear Mr. Mundsen for the info. I will try this for sure. Do we have to save the settings after making changes.

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Dear Mr. Mundsen,

One more doubt. Do we have to make any changes in Main EQ.