Sub woofer Crossover Frequency Setting in B50

Hi All,
I have purchased a B50 amp and recd. it yesterday. Awesome sound quality and features for the price paid.
I found a crossover setting menu in the Gocontrol app. How does it work. If I set a crossover frequency of 100 Hz in the app will it filter the frequency upto 100 Hz and send it to the subwoofer and frequencies above 100 Hz will be sent to bookshelf speakers. Is my understanding correct?
In A50+ there was no option to set crossover frequencies and so subwoofer was never in sync with the bookshelf speakers. But A50+ sounds good even without adding a subwoofer.
Arylic is a very affordable brand without compromising on quality.


Yes, exactly.

I set my desired crossover frequency in the app, but each time I close the app, and then reopen it, the frequency has changed back to the default of 50hz (far left on the frequency slider).
How do I get the B50 to retain my desired crossover frequency? TIA

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