Streaming Services Not Available

Just received the S50Pro+. Cannot say I’m overly impressed. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong but here’s what works:

Internet Radio, I Heart to be exact
Songs available on my Phone
USB Drive plugged into the back

What doesn’t work is any subscription service, both Amazon and Napster. On 4stream and Advanced Play Stream Apps

The problem’s the same with both apps and both streaming services. The selections open fine but when a selection is made the media files just bounce from one to another. Occasionally a file will play but at the end of that file the media just keeps bouncing to other files. The whole time the play button keeps flashing an equalizer graphic.

Hope this explains the situation well.

In short I got it working!

Interestingly, 4Stream, Advance PlayStream and Wiim all use similar software and are compatible with the S50+Pro. You can open any of them and see and control the unit.

I tried the following steps and one or a combination of all of them got the unit working on streaming from a paid service like Napster and Amazon Music:

Uninstall the latest version of 4Stream for an older one, no change
Installed each of 3 Apps listed above, all with the same issues
Rebooted my phone, no change
Reset the unit and reconnected to my WiFi, no change
Powered off the unit with the remote, settings seemed to be lost and had to reconnect
Entered my WiFi Password wrong, 10 minutes wasted there
Entered my WiFi Password correctly and the songs started playing!

Could it be there was a firmware update that needed a reboot?

I did check the system and it had the updated firmware listed but it never rebooted until I powered it off and on.

Now Amazon and Napster do work. As the song loads the “Play/Pause” button shows a graphic similar to an Spectrum Analyzer but only for a second, sort of a “Loading…” graphic

I will put it through the paces tomorrow and report if anything changes.

While it still works this morning it did choke when I was advancing to next track. It would act like it couldn’t grab the next track from my streaming services and would continue to jump to the next song. After about 10sec it just stopped and presented an empty media screen.

I subsequently asked for another selection and it’s been playing a sequence without issue.

And now it’s failed again…

I moved the unit and unplugged it then powered it back up and the same issues have arisen.

So to recap, all the features work with the exception of streaming from paid services like Amazon and Napster. This happens with 3 different android apps that use the same background software.

The unit fails to grab a song and skips to the next one. After 10 attempts it just backs out to a blank Media screen.