Streaming quality in Spotify

Hey there, I am using two arylic up2stream mini with toslink board and one amp 2.0.
In some songs that I know how they sound when I stream over Computer app or wired connection with phone sound a little flat over the arylic. Missing a bit of dynamic.

Is there a way to check if the Arclic streaming devices stream in “High Quality” Mode in spotify premium? Sounds to me like the streaming quality is only set to medium in arylic but I have no way to check it.

Is there a way to change/check it?

Hi Eric,
I think the simple answer is no. You could maybe adjust the equalisation settings in the app, but you will probably have to add a DAC board to improve the sound quality.


Hi Steve,

thanks for your answer. But I think either I dont understand you right or I didnt explain my problem well enough because the second part of your answer makes no sense to me :slight_smile:
In Spotify on my phone app and on computer desktop app I can choose in settings the Audio Quality for streaming over wifi, mobile network and download.
I can Choose: automatic, low, normal, high, very high.
In Arylic 4Stream Software or on DSP Tool for amp2.0 I have no option to choose the streaming quality that arylic uses to stream.

You mentioned DAC and Equalizer. Well obviously I use a DAC already because I cannot hear digital, human ear only can hear analoge :slight_smile:
My main speakers are powered by two hypex fusion 123 amps and fittingly crossed, EQed and corrected to my room. But I dont understand what this helps with the little slurpy playback from arylic.
Like I said, it sounds like it does not stream in “very high” quality setting. Because when I hook my computer up with the spotify app running on it, it sounds better. More dynamic in complex music, almost no music compression slurping.

Hi Eric,
The digital to analogue conversation within the Arylic mini is embedded within one of the integrated circuits and is of average quality. To improve the sound an external (a separate circuit board) DAC needs to be added.
This is also stated within the Arylic documentation, see snip below.

I hope this clarifies a little,