Stream from Pro to Mini while grouped

I have latest fw on Pro v3 and Mini v3. Both stream fine from iPhone to each device in WiFi mode. But when Mini is grouped with Pro the Pro analog (line) in doesn’t stream well to the Mini analog out. It cuts out often. Are these devices designed to act as an analog audio bridge? That’s what I bought them for but can’t get em to work reliably in this configuration.

I thot I had exhausted any WiFi signal strength issues but apparently the provided antenna was the weak link. Has very poor gain. Changed it out to an omni stick antenna and grouping now works as intented. Improved the signal from 35% to 65%. The provided antenna gives the Mini the range of a low power bluetooth device, bout 30’ LOS.

Nope still flakey when grouped. Got both ends above 80% signal quality and it still cuts in and out. I’ve spend several hours trying to get this pair to operate reliably. Even swapped one Mini’s out with a second unit, same poor performance. Audio passes about 50% of the time and goes dead or crackles for up to 30 seconds in a random pattern. Any ideas would be helpful.

Finally sorted this out. Has to do with the case and antenna provided. After removing the case and attaching an aftermarket omni antenna “above” not “aside” the board (not within the antenna radiation pattern) it’s now performing well. With the board within the radiation pattern it still has no range. It appears the antenna mounted close to the board is introducing enough RF energy to desense the circuitry reducing range considerably. After 10 hours of testing I’ve determined that these boards need to be in a hobby box with a grounded metal plate between the board and the antenna. I wouldn’t recommend buying the Lexan case or using the provided adhesive antenna as it makes a very good device almost useless.

Perfect would be an S10 case with an antenna or at least an antenna hole so a pigtail connector could be installed. Don’t need the remote control and not sure the case has enough room for the RF connector. Perhaps Arylic could offer this case in it’s Accessories section for the Mini Pro board.

Easier than aligning holes in a hobby box. THIS was my solution for $20. Upgraded all three units which doubled my signal from 40% to 80%. Now have a reliable and great sounding audio.