Stream audio from TV to powered speaker - problems

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the Arylic system and recently picked up an S50 Pro+ pre-amp.
I was hoping to go from TV to this to my powered speakers using the co-axial in on the S50 Pro+ to the speaker (which has only one optical/digital port).

I tested these flows:

TV (optical in) → S50 Pro (RCA) → Speaker
Turntable (RCA audio)-> phono (RCA audio)-> S50 Pro (RCA) → Speaker
Internet service on S50 Pro (RCA) → Speaker

Both TV and Turntable don’t work.
I get noise from the TV and nothing from the turntable.

Streaming audio from the S50 Pro works but it’s very under-powered (I have to raise the volume to 70% and up to hear it).

Does this just mean the S50 Pro + is too under-powered for my needs?
Or do i still need to send the signal from S50 Pro to an amplifier before going to my speakers?

All suggestions are welcome.
Thanks in advance!

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I’m not familiar with the S50 Pro+. But, I don’t think it’s underpowered. Be sure you check in the 4stream app if the volume is to low.

Using the optical “input” of the tv makes no sense. Use the optical “output”.

For the Turntable, be sure you select “line-in” in the 4stream app.


Thanks for taking the time to reply.
I probably should have been clearer in my labelling, as I was referring to the ports on the S50 Pro+.
So TV was going to optical in on the S50 Pro etc.

Happy to say I solved the problem.
The AC adapter of my Phono unit was faulty, so there wasn’t a proper signal going to the S50 Pro+.
The TV had to be set on a different sound format for my speakers to decode, but it all works now.

Thanks again for the help!

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