Strange problem with my new A50

Just for 2 weeks I got my A50. I have connected 2 speakers to the A50. Everything was working well.

Via Wlan: If I play now from Spotify, Amazon Music, music from my NAS or from my phone. The sound is, like the speakers are broken (a kind of scratching).

If I am playing Internet radio directly from the A50 everything is normal. The sound is clear.

Connecting the phone via Bluetooth to the A50 everything is back normal. I can play Spotify, Amazon music, from my NAS and songs stored on my phone, the sound is clear.

As attached file the 4stream version and the other file the FW Version.

The A50 is connected via LAN cable to the router.

What I was trying?

  • was trying 3 different phones
  • was trying another router
  • using the 4stream app from the playstore
  • did a factory reset A50

Everything was not helpful.

Any ideas?


You could try turning off your Mobile Hot Spot setting. Probably not the problem but worth a try.

Also your phone Android or Apple ? There is a tool that can help if the answer is android :slight_smile:

I was trying it. Still the same issue.

Yes the phone is an Android phone?

What can I do?


OK Mick,

I see that your signal strength is 100% so I assuming the A50 is hard wired to Ethernet Port.

Let’s start with the NAS Streaming. How are you doing this from your control point ? e.g. Phone, app ?

I use the Home Music Share and pull from the NAS.

Is this how you are playing Music from your NAS ?

Regards, Kevin

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your support. Yes the box is hard wired.

Yes exactly!

Kind Reg.

OK Mick,

What happens if you “Push” the music from the NAS to the Arylic. Same Effect ?

For example I have a Synology NAS and I can “push” the music from “Audio Station” app or web Browser UI.


P.S. Can you do a quick sketch of your network with the relevant devices ?

Seems like the output is too high, will the sound be clear when you lower the volume?
I’m not sure why working fine in Bluetooth mode, but we used seperated volume for different input source. Maybe you set a lower volume in bluetooth mode.

And what’s the impedance of your speaker? Also, please check the EQ settings, if you added positive gain.

Hi Mick ,
Have you got the answer how to solve this scratchy sound ?
Unfortunately I have exactly the same issue like yours
Appreciate any sharing …