Start to build my home multiroom

Hi, I begun to build my new multiroom audio for the whole house. I am now running and old 6 zone multiroom system from Omnitronic and i will replace it including the button control on the wall in each room.

All the amps (excluding 2pcs in garden) will be in my control room in a rack stand, I plan to have about 10 zones.

I will post here the progress.
Now I am on to produce the face plates for the button board on wall and boxes for the AMP 2.1 that will be used in garden.


I can’t wait to see your sharing!

Ok my next steps are to build the master unit.
I used an old 4U PC rack case.
Now there are many cables disconnected inside because I need to buy next 4 PCS of AMP2.0 and add it, so i prepared the cables for it. In this time there are 4 AMPs. Temperature switched fans and a LAN switch.
The plan is to have 4pin Speakon output for each AMP
The 8 PCs RJ45 are used for connection of the key boards, XLR connector for line input.
I will add also an cinch input for digital in.


OMG That’s a real beast :hushed: :+1:

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I am still waiting for some components for the main unit. So i made my bathroom now with the AMP 2.1.

I gave to the control button board some water isolation and penetration including shrink foil which is mainly used for remote controls. Hope this will be enough.
There is a subwoofer under the bath tube and small cube speakers on the roof.

The control panel including the AMP board is now under the wash basin furniture.


Ok i tested now to replace the old wall remote to the arylic one.
It’s not perfect but it’s a testing time.:crazy_face:
There are old Cat5 cables in the wall, the length is about 30 meters and it works. Cat cable have 8 lines / cable stripes
So it is enough to have buttons, IR and LEDs


looks pretty good :+1:

That is a great build. You are the first one I’ve seen to use the pin outs. I am about to upgrade my current system to something similar. I feel a bit out of my depth. Would you mind sharing a list of the sockets and connections you used. I really liked your choices for network and speaker out but am also interested in the female sockets you chose to patch into the PCB output.