Spotify connect issue

I’ve had a few issues lately since I added a upstream stereo amp v4 to my system. Currently I’m running a 2.1 amp to power my main speaker and an upstream mini to get my subwoofer into the system. Since adding the upstream stereo amp v4 which power a pair of acoustic research ar5’s the system has been a little unstable. I use it mainly to playback from Spotify but today I was unable to connect because Spotify didn’t see my speakers when connected to my home network. I was only able to get everything connected by using the wifi network from my 2.1 amp and running everything in multi mode with the 2.1 as the master. Anyone know how to reset everything to get it all to talk again from my home network? I know this is pretty vague because the problem could be anywhere. But it was all working at one point but I’ve reset everything and can only get it to work through the 2.1 amps hotspot. It’s not very convenient to switch wireless networks to play music.


Do you use a hard wired ethernet connection to the upstream stereo amp v4 ?

Do you use Fixed IP Addresses or reserve the IP Address for the above ?

Regards, Kevin

Hi Kevin,
So I’m not sure what the heck was going on. I noticed a new version of the upstream app was released to the Apple App Store like 17 hours ago. I updated to that version. And factory reset all my products and now everything is working properly. Happy to see individual eq controls for every device. On the new version of the app. That’s a game changer!

Hmm. Never mind on that eq. At first it seemed like it was functioning as separate eq control but it doesn’t. It changed it across all devices grouped. Bummer.