Spotify Connect, free account

In Europe (and currently in the USA), Spotify is still the most used streaming service according to Statista. Also the free account allows Spotify Connect to be used on streamers if the appropriate Spotify SDK is included in the firmware. Can this be expected at Acrylic with an update? Especially students prefer this service for budgetary reasons.
Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz are niche products for audiophiles who can also afford a Roon account.



I just can talk for me,
It works, without premium,
I have a apple tablet, and i fear you need anyway airplay for that.
Then i can not directly use the arylic, it says i need premium. But when i click down the next
Aitplay or bluetoth i can select my arylic and it works.
No guaranty that it works by you
I have an AMP v4
Regards Frank

Connecting to the Arylic via Airplay or Bluetooth means you are not able to stream in the best quality mode Arylic offers.

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Even with a Spotify Free Account you aren’t able to stream with highest quality. It just goes up to 160Kbps. Only a Premium Account offers up to 320Kbps.

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One strange thing I have noticed is the Spotify FREE service works with the S50+ but not with the DIY boards e.g. AMP, PRO, MINI.

I also find the spotify dull on the S50+. But that could be the limited bitrate that @phranck has mentioned.

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We have the certification from Spotify for S50 model, but not for others. That would be the cause.

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Hi all!
I have a s50+ PRO , and I can certificate that DO NOT connect with spotify free account.

Arylic have a plan to change this?
Is posible that I can connect a free account to s50+ pro like It’s possible with Amazon?


@Gerard10 just thinking aloud, maybe it has something to do with with the country and/or source device, where do you live and what device are you using to access Spotify e.g. android phone, iPad tablet etc.


The setup is, Arylic S50 PRO+ connect to internet through ethernet cable, get IP and I can see it in my android mobile.
When tap on spòtify icon on 4stream , It sends me to Spotify app.
In Spotify app I can see one chromecast , my blueray player and other amp with network player capabilities , also S50 PRO, but below apears only premium users.
Just to clarify, other users in forum tell that it’s possible to stream from spotify to S50 PRO+, but user manual said premium spotify users, what is right? In case that is really premium spotify users, is there a plan from Arylic to change this feature or is there a way to stream (directly not bluetooth or whatever) from a free spotify user to S50 PRO+?

In my order amp network player, at beginning spotify was only for premium , then firm change this feature to free user.

Thanks to all.

Well, today 2021 OCt 29, by magic happens. It’s posible play spotify music with free account throught S50 Pro+
firmware version is 4.6.328252.30 build date 20210923

Thank you very much!

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