SPIDIF IN board hookup to Up2Stream Amp V4

Up2Stream Amp V4
Expansion Boards - SPDIF In Board

I am trying to hook up an Expansion Board “SPDIF In Board” to a Up2Stream Amp V4. A samsung TV will output the sound to the SPIDIF In board and the amp V4 will output to ceiling speakers.

I need a diagram on how to hookup the SPIDIF IN board to the Amp V4.

I am new, this is my 4th project, but my first project with any EXPANSION BOARDS.

Please help. Either a picture of an existing hookup or a diagram. Thanks.

Hi Steve,
The S/PDIF input board info doesn’t mention the V4 amp, but looking at the comparison table it does appear that it’s compatible.
Looking at a picture of the V4 it shows that the S/PDIF is located in connector J13 along with the I2S out (same as the Mini and Pro boards) so I would be pretty confident in saying that using the 7 pin lead and plugging into the ‘For Mini V3/Pro V3’ would work.
②Up2stream Amp V4/Mono, Up2stream Amp2.1 & Up2stream Plate Amp need ACPWorkbench tuning tool to switch the spdif configuration from spdif in to spdif out

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So it works?

Getting close. …

Does NOT seem to work, i am giving up

So just to confirm, you did change the S/PDIF settings with the ACPWorkbench Tuning Tool?

Nope, according to additional youtube video I have seen it was not required. The S/PDIF is by default IN. So are you saying that I need to change to S/PDIF out? The TV sends the output to the expansion board. Support never mentioned anything about this…

In addition, another strike against the optical feed does not do volume control.

However, most new TVs now support HDMI ARC or e.ARC, which allows volume control directly from the same TV remote control for simplicity, so I think that I can purchase a USD $20 HDMI ARC device and have it output to the line in of the Amp V4 board and have volume control and achieve the same thing but not on optical…

My mistake, I misread. I cannot see why it shouldn’t work, maybe Frank can shed some light
@zpl1025, Frank can you please respond to steveH please

I see that there is also a two pin socket on your board also marked as S/PDIF, can you try that?

First, please try to check the silk print on the SPDIF board, just make sure it’s a IN board, because these 2 looks very same, and might you’ve ordered wrong board or we might delivered wrong product in mistake.
And another point, please check the PIN name on each board, and see if they are connected relatively, because the wires might have wrong direction.
3rd, you could try to disconnect the PINs for I2S, it might affect the SPDIF transferring.

That’s what I’ve thought to check, and there’s no magic, just make sure the signal reached to the chip, and it will work. good luck :wink:

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I will reply shortly thank you for the update

Use the cable that was included in with the expansion board.

thats what i did

I am facing a similar issue. I want to connect to a tv and allow volume control but not via BT because of poor sound quality.

Right now I’m using the spdif-in board but with no volume control from tv. I’m running the amp2.1

If I use an HdmiARC device to feed the line in then will a change to Spotify running on a mobile phone be seamless or require input mode adjustment?

Hi, the SPDIF signal of TV is normally set to fixed volume and let the later amplifier to control the volume. So you can’t set with your TV remote.

And about the input mode, you could Spotify to the device in any time or input mode, but you need to manually change to AUX mode when you want to watch TV.

I tried again and still does NOT work.

I am trying to hook up an Expansion Board “SPDIF In Board” to a Up2Stream Amp V4. A samsung TV will output the sound to the SPIDIF In board and the amp V4 will output to ceiling speakers.

Can not be simpler then that! But DOES NOT work. Its so simple that a diagram is not really needed. You can see the picture above.

TV output > SPIDIF board > AMP board

(just like in the picture)