Speakers Popping When Powering Amp

I have the Up2Stream 2.1Amp with 24V power supply. In Australia we have a power switch for each power-point on the wall to help reduce vampire-power :woman_vampire: energy waste.

I turn the amp off with the remote every time I’m shutting everything down and then the switch on the wall. Then turn the power switch on to use it. However, the amp turns on when it receives power and then the big pop :boom: in the speakers… Not good!

Is there an option to stop the amp from powering up when it receives power?

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@zpl1025 Anything you can share on my post to eliminate this issue?

Mate, I didn’t realise your post was sharing another post with the solution until just now… :person_facepalming:

That you for sharing!!! :trophy:

That resolved the problem!